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I reference one of my favorite British rock bands: Pink Floyd’s  classic album cover, an inflatable pink pig floating over the power plant in London, then mixed a gas monster character called "Haunter" of the burning global game "Pokemon GO!"  during that time, to replace  the pig  in the original album cover, and tried to make an art installation that raises the public awareness of the danger of power plant.


More than 4,000 citizens gathered in front of the county government square, forcing the county magistrate to come up the stage promising that they’ll ensure the health and safety of residents. Besides, when I joined the prep meeting of the protest, I also donated a song called ”Silence of SMOG” by a rock band with which I played as the drummer in 2001. It was later adopted by the NGO as the background music of Documentary.

The power of protest became one of the reasons that forced the local government to shut down the factory.


In February 2017, I joined another protest of air pollution in my hometown Taichung (where the world's second-largest coal power plant located).  I transformed the art installation which I made before into a wearable object,  and torturing myself in a stuffy weather with a pig face mask, representing the symbol of an annoying politician.

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