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D. Atkinson (2017, What is art education ?After Deleuze and Guattari )

"It must adopt an attitude of adventure, an attitude that pushes beyond knowledge and without criteria." 


GH-64: Space Adventure Missions


This helicopter cabin I created(GH-64, the letter G represent “Garagee studio”, the educational institute I found for my daughter and my research), which looks like an Apache attack helicopter(AH-64), is made up of tents and metal frames, projecting the app of outer-space adventure missions on the screen for children to interacting with imagination, inspired by a serious controversial military discipline and social justice scandal in Taiwan’s air force.


Human Right/Dreams/Lift into Space


Developing from the previous exhibition-oriented creation to the curriculum stage in my experimental education institute, I connected seemingly unrelated topics through a curatorial mindset.
In this case, from the idea of the helicopter cabin( flight / space) shift to the abstract concept of human rights / dreams, included teaching materials such as picture books / social activities / music / news Images ...etc, in our daily life.


Lift-off With a Spaceship Made of Tent!!


I joined the maker faire Taipei and interacted with hundreds of children with an open source app of oculus rift virtual reality headset, which make people feel like they’re floating as an astronaut in the spaceship. Introducing some picture books about space knowledge, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX company’s  plan of Mars mission before 2025. 


Gas Monster & Pig Above the Power plant


Near the National Changhua University of Education campus, there is a huge factory which had polluted the local environment for more than 50 years. Therefore, I supported a local environmental NGO as a chairperson of the Art education graduate program in a University of education, and advocated that caring for education is not only learning how to be a good teacher, but striving for a sustainable living environment for the next generation.


Symphony of Unhappy#1-4


The #1-4” in the title is the metaphor of the mood of migratory birds whose habitat was destroyed.
In response to the improper development policy of the government (road#1-4) to harm the black-faced spoonbill habitat in Kaohsiung, a major southern city of Taiwan, I created an interactive installation to join a local STEM event, audience who wear VR glasses(with the panoramic films inside) to act like waving wings to play a discordant noise (with leap motion controller)”. Furthermore, I co-operated with a local environmental NPO, to promote a signing activity for protesting against the government.


Change -
A Future Design of Jiading Wetland


Inspired by the participatory pedagogy from the Finnish Architecture School Arkki, I bring the environmental justice issue into my artwork by interacting with the public who expected to visit a STEM exhibition, this artwork is transformed into a lesson plan to join a STEAM curriculum design contest ( FutureED) and honestly win the 3rd prize award.


Train Spotting Around the World-"New Castle" Weaver and Caring Action


We discussed the metaphors of the "Underground Railroad", an escaping route of the Afro-American slavery era and the current crisis of European refugees. Then, the course links to the historical and cultural background of Taichung station in my hometown, and leads children to visit the attractions.
We found the decline of the old station in Taichung and the clustering of homeless people in the underpass next to the station.


Jelly Planet: Street Garbage Collection


I guided the children to pick up and classify rubbish in the alleyways around the community, imitating the creative project of making river rubbings into popsicles, making street junk into a jelly planet, and let the children choose one of the animals in the picture book, printed in 3D printers as the main character of the planet.


All 4 one and one 4 all: Mapping a community of LOVE


Reaching out for making connection between 4 communities to raise up the voice of marginalised people:
1. Local Community Cultural Events
2.Hip-Hop/ Youth Community
3. The Amnesty International community/ The regional oppressed group
4.LGBTQ community in Taiwan Referendum 24.11/
virtual community

Visual Culture Art Education Projects

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