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​Reflecting on the concept of Mask, public sphere, and activism 


Climate Strike Online

Glory to HK

House on Fire!

Kurt Stand with HK!

Mulan camps

Panda 4 Tibet @Espoo

TankMan wiki

We are all Taiwanese

XR face



With the assistance of 3D scanner, I re-produced a 3D model of a gas mask from cardboard-made model I wear to join on the street demonstrate, the symbol of HK democratic movement. The physical object then could be mass replicated and disseminated on the virtual public space.

Customized Memes

The face recognition function could be ironically activated on political figures, such as a gas mask wearing on Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, to sing the (unofficial) Hong Kong anthem created by/for the movement supporters.

Culture Jamming

When 2D image recognition is implemented in a 3D environment, there's a possibility of advocating on social/political issues by targeting objects then revealing animated images with another context.

Unfold The Abandoned Memories Beyond  entertainment and Technology

"The emotions crafted among the jammers may give them a false sense of emotional authenticity. Thus, culture jammers may themselves be victims of emotional hegemony even while they are struggling to resist it."

Sandlin & Callahan (2009)


Compare & analysis the characteristics of digital activism during the creative process of culture jamming with the AR camera filter,  cheating with the (non)human mechanism in order to get published or activating the animation becomes the critical part of the Research-creation 

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